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2014 eBook Announcement

Hi everybody! You may be wondering when I will release the 2014 version of Creating Custom Revit Architecture Families. Unfortunately, I’ve had some personal setbacks which forced me to skip this version.

Early this year (2013), my youngest brother unexpectedly passed away. This was followed by the passing away of my oldest brother one month later. Coincidently, two of my close relatives also passed away. I needed some time to absorb these tragic incidents and that is why I stayed away from writing. The good news is I was offered a job as a Revit contractor in April, which I accepted. That helped tremendously in my grieving period as it made me extremely busy.

I am now fine and started writing blogs again. As soon as the Holiday season is over, I will definitely start writing the 2015 version of my eBook and will keep you posted. Thank you for your patience.