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Paul Aubin's Comments on my Families

Paul Aubin is the well known Revit guru and author who has written several bestselling books on Revit Architecture, AutoCAD MEP and AutoCAD Architecture. In 2006, his book (Mastering Autodesk Revit Building) is what got me started on Revit.  This is what he has to say regarding the Revit families on my website:

“There are many ways to approach the task of building Revit content. And sometimes, the little details count! I cannot think of a more aptly named website for the excellent content produced by its founder Mr. Anonuevo. Great care is taken in crafting the three-dimensional details and applying very realistic and believable materials. Furthermore, Mr. Anonuevo clearly understands that good Revit content is not just about 3D. He includes 2D symbolic line representations for the plan views to simplify and help with performance.

I got a direct look at his drum set. Now I grant you, this is a big Family file weighing in at 12M. But doing a quick test with about 25 copies, the file only grew to 18M. This is because there are few parameters and formulas in the file. So in 2D views, it performs quite well. And really, when would you need 25 drum sets in a single file anyhow… Now your results might vary if using his casino furniture. There it would be more likely to have many copies, but again Mr. Anonuevo takes advantage of symbolic lines in 2D views and keeps parameters to a minimum. What I like most about his efforts is the amazingly high quality renderings he has been able to achieve. There is a degree of realism here that I have not seen in other Revit content and projects. Well done! Overall I would say that you are in the market for casino gaming content or musical instruments, begin your search with