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Our Revit Families and Formats
The intent of our products is to quickly “accessorize” Revit renderings, views and walkthroughs in the final stages of a project. All families can be edited and their materials and colors changed. We had chosen to create them as face-based families so they can easily be placed in any view without specifying levels. They attach easily to any surface and can be re-hosted. Here are a few products scheduled for future releases:
  • Part-2 of Kitchen and Dining Accessories
  • Part-2 of Casino Furniture and Equipment
  • Music Instruments
  • Office Accessories
  • Bar Accessories
  • Health Facilities Equipment & Accessories 

File Formats:
Since there is no backwards compatibility, we created our Revit families with Revit Architecture 2009. They are also available in the current version of Revit Architecture 2010. After the release of version 2011 slated by the March 2010, we are no longer going to support version 2009.