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"I have heard several Revit content developers talk about level of detail in the past, but clearly Little Details Count has raised the bar. I manage thousands of Revit families and have talked with hundreds of Revit family developers. Never have I seen such detailed and complete families as the ones found here. It is great that we have finally found content that we know is 100% accurate to the specs provided".

Lonnie Cumpton

"As with most things these days, there is an abundance of information that can be found on the internet. Revit has fallen into that category these days also. So finding quality Revit info and content is important. There are some excellent Revit content providers out there and clearly Little Details Count is one of them, if not the best. Though the quality of the content is fantastic, what sets this site above is their willingness to share quality info on family content construction methods as with this example titled: Carrel Family.
You'll want to bookmark this site, for new content purchases and learning."

RevitCity Moderator