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About our First Release
I had been asked why I chose Casino furniture and Kitchen-Dining accessories for Little Details Count’s first release. Here is the story:

Like millions of Americans, I had been a casualty of the current recession too. In June of 2009, despite all the 15 years of experience and accomplishments I’ve had, I was laid off!

Eight months earlier, I knew it was bound to happen when a multi-million dollar project I was working on got put on hold! I was then relegated to maintaining the company’s Revit library. In short, I knew it was my last day when the big boss tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to go to his office. The long months prior to the pink slip, I had already been contemplating on a fallback position in case I get laid off. I couldn’t think of one. The market was dead and nobody was hiring. After the first week of mourning my job loss and without any job prospects, I picked myself up and started tinkering with Revit families. I chose small items from my house and just for the fun of it, modeled them as Revit families. In three months time, I had amassed over a hundred Revit families of kitchen and dining accessories. I continually went back to each one of them to try different methods in creating small complex shapes. I found ways to circumvent the limitations of the Revit family editor tools. In a matter of time, it had been my new “hobby” even as I found another job as BIM modeler. In trying to find more challenges in modeling, I started focusing on casino furniture (I am located in Las Vegas, Nevada). There were hardly any Revit families of this type and the few that were available in the internet left a lot to be desired.