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How to Create a Pyramid with the Family Editor
I came across a technical support forum with a discussion on how to create a pyramid. I don't usually participate in discussion threads but for this topic, I made an exception. I've seen a lot of Revit users offer various solutions on how to create a pyramid. Some of the methods they use are: using solid blends or using voids to carve the shape. Here is the solution I posted at
"A pyramid is a simple sweep in Revit. If you’ve used the sweep tool to generate say a baseboard, you’ll notice that when your path turns to a 90 degree angle, the corner of the sweep gets mitered. In effect, a pyramid is just a plain sweep with a triangular profile mitered at four sides on its square path."

Here is how it's done:

1. Using the solid sweep tool, create a square path in Plan view (Figure 1):

Figure 1

2. Go to the Front elevation view and draw a triangular profile (Figure 2). Click Finish.

Figure 2

That's it! Here's the 3D view (Figure 3):

Figure 3
If you want to get a parametric version I made, go to this Revitcity link:
Scroll down till you see my response to the thread and click on the 87807PyramidParametric.rfa hyperlink. Thanks.