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Metric Editions of Revit Family Modeling eBooks
In response to Revit users from Australia, UK, Europe and other countries, I'm happy to announce the release of the Metric Editions of my eBooks:
Creating Custom Revit Architecture 2012 Families
Metric Edition
Creating Custom Revit Architecture 2013 Families
Metric Edition
They are free with the purchase of the 2012/2013 US Imperial editions. Please click this link to get a PDF sampler containing sample images and Forewords written by Jeff Pinheiro ( and Jay Zallan (Perkowitz+Ruth Architects):

For registered users, please log in to your account to get the free metric editions. In the Download section, download the Revit Family Bundle-11 file. This zip file contains the following:
1. The Metric editions:
CCRA2012F_Metric (Creating Custom Revit Architecture 2012 Families, Metric Edition)
CCRA2013F_Metric (Creating Custom Revit Architecture 2013 Families, Metric Edition)
2. The latest versions of your current 2012/2013 (US Edition) eBooks:
CCRA2012F_Imperial (previously named CCRA2012 v090612)
CCRA2013F_Imperial (previously named CCRA2013 v090412)
For consistency, I've updated them to reflect the following which were implemented in the 2012 & 2013 metric editions:
A. References to Figure numbers (where applicable) e.g.:
(see fig. XX, next page) or (see fig. XX, previous page)
B. Corrections to a few minor typos
C. Updated cover pages
3. The Tutorial files (2012 & 2013) in US and Metric formats
4. The free Revit families
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If that's not possible, then please check this website from time to time then login to get the updates. Thanks.