Revit Family Bundle-5
Pool table set and accessories
Pool table, wall cue rack, wall cone chalk holder, cue sticks, bridge stick with bridge head, balls, blue chalks, racks and tiffany lamp.

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Face-based families of: pool table, cue sticks, bridge stick with bridge head, balls (white and 15 numbered balls), racks (for 9-ball or 15-ball games) and blue chalks; ceiling based family of tiffany lamp; wall based families of the wall cue rack and wall cone chalk holder.

The dimensions of this pool table set and accessories were based on the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) specifications. The table is 9 foot size used for large pool halls and WPA sanctioned tournaments. The cue stick is of the "pro" taper type. The overall design of the pool table was inspired from a high end model of one of the top pool table manufacturers in the US.

Parameters included: materials and finishes for all the families (including the nested accessories); visibility settings for the nested accessories; height parameters of the tiffany lamp, wall cue rack and cone chalk holder.
Available in Revit RFA 2011 format only! 
Price: $30.00