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Revit Family eBook
This is the Revit family eBook you've been waiting for!
In March of 2011, I started writing an eBook where I can explain the Revit family editor modeling process based on my experience. The result is the first edition of:
Creating Custom Revit Architecture 2012 Families
A Practical Guide for Beginners and Intermediate users
It took me longer than expected to finish it but here it is. Since Revit 2013 is already out, I am offering a free update of the eBook to the new version. It will be out by October 2012 and will be emailed directly to users who purchase this 2012 eBook. The price also includes four free Revit families from this website.
You cannot find a better deal. For those who are wondering how I created the families in my website, it's all explained in Chapter 16 of the eBook. Everything from modeling simple to complex components, adding parameters, tracing images, etc. are explained in-depth with over 2000 images. You'll find tips and techniques I've learned and gathered from my years of working for prestigious firms using Revit.
Download the full Table of Contents, Foreword by Steve Stafford, and sample images here.