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Paul Aubin's Comments on my Families

Paul Aubin is the well known Revit guru and author who has written several bestselling books on Revit Architecture, AutoCAD MEP and AutoCAD Architecture. In 2006, his book (Mastering Autodesk Revit Building) is what got me started on Revit.  This is what he has to say regarding the Revit families on my website:

“There are many ways to approach the task of building Revit content. And sometimes, the little details count! I cannot think of a more aptly named website for the excellent content produced by its founder Mr. Anonuevo. Great care is taken in crafting the three-dimensional details and applying very realistic and believable materials. Furthermore, Mr. Anonuevo clearly understands that good Revit content is not just about 3D. He includes 2D symbolic line representations for the plan views to simplify and help with performance.

I got a direct look at his drum set. Now I grant you, this is a big Family file weighing in at 12M. But doing a quick test with about 25 copies, the file only grew to 18M. This is because there are few parameters and formulas in the file. So in 2D views, it performs quite well. And really, when would you need 25 drum sets in a single file anyhow… Now your results might vary if using his casino furniture. There it would be more likely to have many copies, but again Mr. Anonuevo takes advantage of symbolic lines in 2D views and keeps parameters to a minimum. What I like most about his efforts is the amazingly high quality renderings he has been able to achieve. There is a degree of realism here that I have not seen in other Revit content and projects. Well done! Overall I would say that you are in the market for casino gaming content or musical instruments, begin your search with 
AUGI AEC EDGE Downloads Fall Issue
In this issue, I wrote a 12-page article entitled "In Revit, Little Details Count Too" (page 27). In the article, you'll find some Tips and Tricks pertaining to the creation of complex family shapes in Revit.
The PDF downloads for the current fall issue of AUGI AEC EDGE ezine are available at the  AUGI site.
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My Little Adventure at AU 2011
For  Autodesk enthusiasts, the annual Autodesk University Conference and Exhibition is the place to be for topnotch training, networking and keeping up with the latest in design technology. It is the largest gathering of Autodesk design professionals worldwide. Although I was geared up to attend, my plan didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be. Here's the story:

I've almost forgotten about this conference till Holman's of Nevada emailed me a reminder three weeks before the conference. Holman's is the premier  Autodesk reseller in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I live.  Having purchased my Revit license and subscription from them, I was provided me with a free one day all-inclusive pass for Tuesday's events (Nov. 30, 2010).

Unfortunately, I was a little bit late in registering. Most of the Revit classes I wanted to attend were filled up. I ended up choosing classes in Alias Sketch, Alias Design and Inventor. In case you didn't know, Autodesk offered free Certification exams this year. They also offered free online Assessment test so you can evaluate your knowledge of Revit. With the assessment test in mind, I spent the next few weeks reviewing Revit. Four days before the event, I took the Assessment test and only made a couple of mistakes out of 30 questions. Inspired, I spent the next three days studying Revit intently. My original plan was to attend the classes and take the Certification exams during the break periods. Come November 30, the first item on my schedule was the Welcome Address and General Session Keynote. At the last minute, I decided to skip it so I can take the Certification exams. In short, after passing the Associate exam, I immediately took the Professional exam and passed it too! As we all know, the Autodesk Certification is the only way we can validate our knowledge and skills in Revit. Here are the logos I can now use with my business cards, resumes and letterheads:

It was almost 11:00 am when I got out of the testing room. I had enough time to make it to my 11:30 class. This is when I deviated from my plan and decided to just go home instead. On my way home, I bought a 6-pack of beer and celebrated the rest of the day!

AUGI Breakfast: December 2, 2010

As a member of AUGI Volunteer group, I got invited to the 2010 AUGI Volunteer Breakfast held at the Tradewinds room at Mandalay Bay Hotel. This is the another AU event that I was looking forward to. It was my chance to meet the people behind AUGI organization and AUGI website.

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